Placing a pail or a mop under your leaking air-conditioner again? Well, it’s not news considering almost everyone that owns the air-conditioner will have the same problem whenever AC maintenance due is delayed. It’s about that time you know why your air-conditioner is leaking on the inside of your house instead on the outside.

Damaged Drain Pan

Is your AC currently at it’s proximate age about 10 to 15 years old? Sometimes, it’s just an age factor for why the AC is leaking. The drain pan may be damaged or blocked. This issue could be fixed simply by replacing the old drain pan with a newer ones or clear the blockage. Pretty simple, right?

Pause Servicing

Your air-conditioner can only work for a longer period of time but, occasionally, the air-conditioner do need servicing maintenance for it to operate at its full potential. Servicing it now may save you from an expensive repair in the long run. The air-conditioner needs to be clean, though it might inevitably get blocked resulting from the build up of algae, dirt, dust, and other debris. The major amount of particles and dust that was collected over time can clogged up the airflow into the AC’s evaporator’s coil thus, when the coil freezes without the appropriate airflow, it cause the water to spill out of the condensate drain pan and back into your house, instead of flowing out where it should be. Your AC’s air filter should be cleaned or in other word, serviced regularly just to make sure that it functions accordingly.

The Airflow Theory

Many people neglected this aspect of the AC but the thing is, the AC works differently than how most of us thought it works. The AC was supposed to keep the air cool only on the inside of the area of your house. Opening the windows or doors while using it will only brings stress to your AC as the AC are made to maintain the temperature that you have set within your house. One of the reasons your AC leaked is because you have allowed the contaminated air outside your house enters the room and lets your AC filters the air out thus speeds up the vast collection of particles and dust in the air filter of your AC that causes clogging and later, leakage.

Installation Issues

It might not be your fault when the AC is leaking on its first day of using it. Sometimes, it’s just the faulty in installing the AC in your home caused by the technicians themselves. The faulty includes that the condensate trap in the AC stops the condensate from draining thus the water builds up in the drain pan and make it flows into your home which causes leakage.

These are the three simple examples on why your air-conditioner is leaking. Be sure to check out with your technicians regarding any problems on your air-conditioner and never forget to get your air-conditioner serviced on time for your own comfortability. 

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