Keeping AC at Utmost Performance

The rainy season in November and December has finally over, now let’s get your AC up and running before the hot season melts your house away on the upcoming months. After keeping the AC idle in colder seasons, it will need some cleaning, and inspections before you can use it again. Keep your family cool and comfortable knowing you had these benefits over constant and proper AC maintenance.

Your House Will Have Better Air Quality

Constant maintenance gets rid of dusts and debris build up in the AC, improving the air quality in your house. The maintenance process cleans your AC filters, with less airborne particles. Your AC will function with minimal energy efforts, without the constraints of the buildup particles in your AC.

You’ll Only Have a Few Breakdowns and Repairs

Lack of maintenance is one of the factors that contribute to the problem. Identifying breakdowns and faulty will save you an expensive repair cost when it comes to AC servicing and maintenance. Thus, it is advisable to do a check-up and maintenance at least once a month. With this, you’ll minimise the potential of having AC breakdowns.

Energy Efficiency

You AC does not need more energy in order to function properly and accordingly. With proper and frequent maintenance, your AC should have an efficient system, reduced energy utilisation and you should save more money on cooling bills.

Prolonged System Life

We all know better, that a series of breakdowns will lead to the system failure altogether. Follow up on the maintenance routine, and you’re giving your AC a chance to function longer, and still better.

AC maintenance and service shouldn’t be a tedious and dragging process. We have a promotion for new customers up to RM70 off for one unit or you can simply choose your preferred service through our online shop at . It’s just like shopping online. We’ll come right at your doorstep to perform the eco-friendly AC maintenance, and it’ll be safe and clean.

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