As for most working adults, nothing beats the comfort of turning on the air conditioner and relax in your cushions at home after work. Sure enough, you’re a responsible adult and keep tracks on all your bills, visit the grocery shop every weekend or sometimes after work, also making sure your pet, Macy gets her meal on time. You’ve got everything on the list checked, what could have gone wrong? Then you realised that you missed something in your list of things you should have taken care of; the air-conditioner.

Unlike any other electrical machines we have at home, the air conditioner should not be taken lightly of due to its nature of being so easy to use. Plus! It’s mostly placed on the ceiling and who would’ve touched it, right? It is a part of your home that keeps you sane in every Scorching hot season, especially when you’re living in Malaysia of which it is always sunny and hot throughout the year.

So, what’s the worst that could happen?

1) Your Health Matters

I know, it’s the worst cliche of all to be talking about health associated with your air-conditioner. But allow me to share this…

Introduction to AC 101:

Turning on your AC will let the warm air in your room drawn through the return air vents and blown across the evaporator coils in your AC and replaces it with cool air. Thus, all dust particles including bacteria and germs in the air will be filtered through your air-conditioner and most of them gets stuck up there. It can become a dreadful thing if you let it stay, breed (disgusting much?) and later contaminated your AC, especially when you have asthma problems and allergies (Heid, 2015).

In a worse-case scenario, it could be fatal to you and to the people that lives with you. If you haven’t got your air-conditioner serviced yet, it is advisable for you to call a professional service technician immediately. Your air conditioner should be inspected regularly for you and your family’s comfort and safety.

2) Poorly Maintained AC Causes More Spending than Saving

It’s that time of the month again where you’re debating on whether to save or spend your moolah (money in Korean) on something you probably don’t need now like that expensive set of get-ups your friends are wearing. 

But when it comes to servicing the air-conditioner, people tend to hold on to it first until it needs the service it should have. However, by the time they realised something’s wrong with their AC, it’s already needs a lot of unnecessary maintenance and changes due to some broken parts in your AC that causes a crazy amount of money to spend.

A ramshackle AC tends to get frequent services than it should have been, and nobody ever want to spend too much money on that. We would suggest you to get your air-conditioner serviced on time because not only it does wonders to your AC, but your fair choices in life could save something up for you for your next vacation to your dream destination.

3) Professional or Amateurs?

So, your friend knows a guy that freelance on air-conditioning service and gets paid less than what the professionals charged you. It’s cool to get someone recommended by a friend that you can rely on to do the dirty job for you, top that benefit by receiving a cheaper deal than you bargain for. But how can you ensure that this person knows what he’s doing to your hard-earned money? Moreover, how can you trust this person would be responsible if anything horrible happens to your AC? These are called amateur technicians, people.

Listen up, professional technicians are experts in servicing and repairing air-conditioners as they have been trained to do the job in a proper manner. One of the reasons we urge people to call professionals instead of amateurs is that, they held responsible for anything that happens to your AC. And furthermore, paying a little bit more on about the service given by professionals goes a long way. Think of it as an investment. Thus, that should never make you stay up late at night thinking how much damaged it has done to your AC, and how much cost you spent on it because you know where to find the professionals when you needed them back.

Thus, air conditioner professional servicing team would be happy to help you and give you as much information as you needed for your own peace of mind. Once again, just remember get your AC serviced on time by the professionals so you can enjoy your relaxing time more often, plus delivers healthy, clean air.

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